Terms of Service

By using this site you agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed.
Words used in these Terms and conditions:
User: You, the person accessing this site, and the other people who do so.
Site: This site, clikrit.evocrit.com
Adoptable: fictional creatures depicted by art hosted on this site.
Admin: The individuals maintaining the site, Katherine and aquapyrofan.
Administrative Action: Actions taken in response to a violation of these Terms of Service, incuding but not limited to account termination, account suspension, barring of a user by IP address, revocation of any or all adoptables aquired by the user, deletion of account, and legal action.
1. COPPA compliance features are currently in progress. This section will be updated as soon as they are completed, and a notification will be sent out to all users.
2. In order to use the Site, Users must create an account. Useames, avatars, and nicknames should not contain profanity, explicit language, or explicit references. Violation of this rule will result in the offending name being corrected by the Admins. Repeated violation (i.e. changing the useame or nickname back to the offending name) will result in immediate termination of the offending user account.
3. Users are able to name the Adoptables they aquire on the Site. These names should not contain profanity, derogatory or explicit language, or references to explicit content. Violation of this rule will result in the offending name being corrected by the Admins. Repeated violation (i.e. changing the Adoptable name back to the offending name) may result in immediate termination of the offending user account, or a probation period.
4. The transfer of Adoptables, items, accounts, or site currency to other users for off site currency, including real world currency, is expressly forbidden. Any Users found to be violating this rule will face immediate termination of their User account. All transfers of Adoptables must be approved by an Admin, and should be arranged either through private messages with the other User, or through contact on the Site's associated forums.
5. Users may create one (1) account for use on the Site. Users found to be in posession of multiple accounts will face immediate termination of ALL accounts after the first, and will be given a written waing regarding the infraction. If, after this waing, they again create additional account, All remaining accounts belonging to the user will be terminated. If you need to change your useame, please contact Katherine.
The administration uses IP addresses to help detect multiple accounts for a single user. If you believe your IP address may be shared with another user, or if you share your computer with another individual who may register an account, please contact Katherine.
6. All artwork featured on Site is the express property of Clikrit or the associated individuals who operate and maintain the Site. Unauthorized use of Site artwork, including unauthorized upload to other sites, will result in immediate termination, and potential legal action. Links to Adoptables for off-site use will be provided on the individual Adoptable pages.
7. Harassment of other Users is expressly forbidden, and will result in the termination of the offending User's account, whether the harassment took place on the Site or on other websites. This includes but is not limited to written abuse, begging other Users for their pets, begging for donations, repeatedly asking other Users to reveal personal and or identifying information, attempting to discover through other means personal or identifying information pertaining to other Users, written or verbal threats, stalking, use of hate speech.
8. Use of Copyrighted Intellectual Property is explicity forbidden, barring a signed and notarized release from the copyright holder, anywhere on the Site or its associated forums, including in avatar or profile images. Violation will result in a suspension of usage rights and posting privileges, and the content in question will be removed. Repeated violation will result in a summary termination of usage rights, posting privileges, and all associated accounts. If your intellectual property is being used without your permission, PM Katherine.
9. While the site is in alpha, some features and functions may not behave in accordance with their final use. Abuse of alpha features may result in waings, administrative action, or bans.
10. Pet bios must not contradict existing lore regarding the setting or pet, including details about the individual species, or the gender and personality of a pet.
11. Purchase of adoptables or items through US Dollars or currencies purchaseable with US Dollars does not transfer any copyright or related ownership to the purchaser. For copyright and legal purposes, all site content uness stated otherwise is property of Mayakisha Lusebrink, co-owner of Evocrit.com and its various sites.
This section has priority over the remainder of the ToS in the event that they contradict.
Licensee in this section refers to the user on clikrit.com

No materials or characters used in these ARPGs are considered to be standalone products.  Any characters are individually licensed to a user, for the duration of the licensing period.  This period is initially indefinite, but can be terminated under a number of conditions, including but not limited to: 

TOS violation in any EvoCrit associated ARPG
TOS violation on ANY evocrit.com site
TOS violation in ARPG related groups
Violation of conditions on continued use after administrative action
Violation of copyrights related to any EvoCrit or Aquapyron project

We reserve the right to terminate the use license(s) at any time for any reason, though we will try to provide a reason should we be forced to terminate.

Universe status is used as a shorthand to denote whether such authorizations MAY be granted:
Closed Universe:  Authorization will never be granted, under any circumstances.
Semi-Closed Universe:  Authorization may be granted, for specific settings.  These specific settings will always be listed on the project.
Semi-Open Universe: Authorization may be granted, pending certain criteria, and on DIRECT request to EvoCrit administration.
Open Universe:  Authorization is automatically assumed to be granted, however there WILL be rules about when this authorization is not granted, or is revoked.

Licensees are permitted to create and post art of any licensed character at any stage of development that the character has reached or passed.  However, they are required to remove any materials they have posted should the license be revoked.
Additionally, if the licensee wishes to post art anywhere excluding the EvoCrit forums, they are required to provide full credit for the character's design to AquaPyrofan.

Alteration of the design associated with a revoked license to convert them to another species without making SIGNIFICANT changes to design, marking, AND color scheme is forbidden, and can result in the revocation of any or all licenses held by the licensee in question.

Posting the original art or materials, including materials from EvoCrit and materials posted by EvoCrit administration on other sites, on ANY site can result in the immediate revocation of any or all licenses held by the licensee in violation of these rules.  Exceptions may be granted, with the explicit pre approval of EvoCrit administration.  This does not extend to linking the images, as all evocrit.com sites provide linkable images used to allow guests to interact with characters on those sites.

Any licensed character that was created with input from the licensee that is found to be based in part or whole on a copyrighted property will have their license immediately revoked, and the licensee may face revocation of other licenses.

Should a licence be revoked, there will be no monetary compensation for the licensee from EvoCrit or its administrators.
Compensation MAY be given in the form of items on the EvoCrit sites or on other ARPGs, at the discretion of EvoCrit administration.

We reserve the right to update these terms without advance notice. Please read through them from time to time to maintain a working knowledge of the them. Continued use of the site after such updates is considered consent to the updated terms. If at any time you wish to retract your consent to these terms, do not continue to access the site, and contact Katherine to arrange the deletion of your account.

If you need to contact EvoCrit management, the fastest way to get in contact is through the forums.