I found a bug! Something broke!
First, and foremost, remain calm. Large portions of the site are still undergoing initial testing, so bugs and other such issues are a fact of life for now. If you encounter a bug, or if a page fails to load after multiple repeated attempts, log into http://tickets.evocrit.com with the useame user@evocrit.com and password password, and submit a report under the Clikrit project.
Why doesn't something have an image yet?
The site is still in construction. While talented, our artist only has so much time in the day, and is generally more conceed helping make sure everything is working properly first. As such, the site has several placeholder images that will be used when the final piece has not been completed.
Why doesn't [feature] work yet? Can you add [feature]?
Some features may not be fully implemented at this time, due to the current state of the site. We are, however, currently accepting suggestions, simply head over to the forums and drop us a post in the Suggestions forum.
How can I become staff of Clikrit?  Can I be an artist?  A coder?  A moderator?
Clikrit is not looking for artists, our artist is busy making sure the site works before working on art, but they have most of the current adoptables as in progress images on their computers.  We may look for temporary coders in the future, but currently we aren't.  Moderators currently aren't necessary due to the size of the site.


How do I get a pet?
You can get your first pet by simply navigating to the Adoption Center, found under Adoptables, or by clicking Adopt New Pets.
How do I hatch my pet?
First, reach the required number of views. This can be done by posting a link to your adoptables on other sites and forums, using the handly pregenerated link you can access from your pet's individual pages, reached by clicking on them after selecting "Manage Adoptables" on the sidebar. Once your pet has the required clicks, simply aquire a hatching crystal and use it on the pet from the inventory page.
I can upload my pet's images to another site, right?
No, you cannot. As an alteative, the site will automatically create an image that you can easilly link to with a pregenerated HTML or BBcode link, found on your pet's management page.
Why do required clicks keep changing?
The site is still under some degree of construction. As such, some details will change from time to time as our admin tries to determine what the best choice will be going forward.
Why did my pet suddenly lose levels?
As we fine tune aspects of the site, required click numbers may be subject to change as we find the right number for us and for our userbase.


How do I access the forums?
Simply click the handly link in the sidebar, titled "Forum", then create an account and let the admin team know so we can link your accounts.
The forums are gone!  What's going on?
The forums have moved to a new home, and a new engine, and can be found at https://forums.evocrit.com.